May 26th, 2023

Advertising To The Nation’s Fastest-Growing Ethnicity

Advertising To The Nation’s Fastest-Growing Ethnicity
Christine Choi
Christine Choi
Activation Strategist

In today’s diverse society, brands must embrace inclusivity and ensure their marketing messages resonate with various demographics. In particular, it is important to aim for representation when it comes to advertising to the nation’s fastest-growing ethnicity, the Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community. Often referred to as the “invisible minority,” AANHPI individuals are not being seen as they should and warrant a thoughtful approach in marketing campaigns.

Who does AANHPI represent?

It is essential to recognize that the AANHPI community is incredibly diverse, encompassing a rich variety of cultures and backgrounds from over 40 countries. From a media targeting perspective, it is inadequate to consider AANHPI as a single monolith. Brands should learn about the different groups represented and customize their targeting instead of using one giant label. We cannot assume East Asians to be the face and single representative of the Asian diaspora. To ensure true representation, the vast array of identities within the community needs to be catered towards, leading to more authentic and personal connections to the brand messaging. At the same time, there needs to be an understanding that visibility is not the end goal but rather a tool for representation.

How should we represent AANHPI?

When showcasing AANHPI stories, we should move beyond perpetuating stereotypes and narratives of trauma. Though there is a need to address the challenges faced by this community, especially with the rise of AANHPI hate, we also should celebrate their joys, successes, and contributions. AANHPI stories are beautiful and encompass tales of family, resilience, achievements in various fields, and much more. All of which align with the types of messages businesses desire to evoke.

Why is AANHPI representation important?

By ensuring visibility and representation, we can help counter the feeling of perpetual foreignness experienced by many AANHPI individuals in the U.S. However, promoting AANHPI stories is not just an act of social responsibility; it is also a strategic business move.

  • 13% population growth in the last five years
  • 127% growth in buying power 2010-2020
  • In 2026, buying power is expected to reach $1.9 trillion

As the nation’s fastest-growing ethnicity, failing to include this audience in marketing efforts means missing out on a significant portion of potential consumers. Moreover, it is critical to go beyond token gestures and performative allyship during AANHPI Month in May and instead aim for year-long representation. To truly engage with this audience, businesses must move beyond mere talk and take real action to show up for this community consistently.

In summary, in this increasingly diverse world, it is vital for businesses to acknowledge the importance of representation when advertising to the AANHPI community. Brands can foster inclusivity and establish stronger connections with this audience by:

  • Acknowledging diverse backgrounds within the AANHPI community
  • Showcasing a range of AANHPI stories that relate to your message
  • And taking tangible actions to incorporate these narratives into long-term marketing strategies


By embracing AANHPI stories, companies can not only enhance their brand’s reach but also contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

Christine Choi
Christine Choi
Activation Strategist
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