About Us

True Media was founded in 2005 with the mission of creating strategic and innovative ways to connect our customers to their customers. What began as one office with a handful of intelligent, slightly media-obsessed experts, has expanded to six offices across North America.

We are proud to be able to deliver best-in-class media strategy by combining our partnerships and the capabilities of a big agency with the entrepreneurial spirit and the deep relationships of a small startup. We approach each plan with customized strategy, full transparency, and an unparalleled rigor that is designed to ignite business results.

Our Mission
To connect our customers to their customers
Our Purpose
To be best-in-class and a model company for the long-term benefit of our customers, owners, and employees
Our Values
To work hard, be honest, over-communicate, and innovate

Programmatic Media
& Data Analytics,
Powered by True Media

Years ago, we recognized that our internal programmatic and analytics departments would be able to deepen their knowledge even further and offer our clients expanded services by shifting their focus entirely to their individual expertise.

As a result, our programmatic department became a separate company, Coegi, and our data and analytics department became its own company, RADaR. Our best-in-class programmatic team at Coegi is recognized as one of the leading programmatic companies in North America. Our analytics team at RADaR gives clients access to a team of data scientists and visualization experts that help bring campaigns to life.

In partnership with True Media, this integrated structure offers our clients one point of contact and gives our teams seamless access to collaborate with the programmatic experts at Coegi and data analytics experts at RADaR when needed to meet client goals.

  • True Media US and True Media Canada plan, purchase and analyze media
  • Coegi uses data, analytics, and programmatic technology for smarter digital marketing
  • RADaR uses data to uncover opportunities and empower better business decisions

We are the only media agency to be part of the AMIN Network, a global collective of over 50 entrepreneurial independent agencies in 23 countries. Through this global alliance, we are able to negotiate media buys and provide our capabilities to clients across the globe.