How True Media Leveraged Buying Power and Market Expertise to Launch a COVID-19 Response Campaign in Under 10 Days and Successfully Reach a Broad Audience at a Crucial Time

november 2020...

How does Missouri Hospital Association quickly reach a broad range of Missourians ahead of the winter months and urge them to take safety precautions recommended by healthcare professionals more seriously and emphasize the importance of wearing face coverings to help limit the spread of COVID-19, manage hospital admissions, and ensure adequate treatment for the sickest patients?

Use Mass-Media,
TV and Radio

to reach a broad audience (targeting adults 25-54, and secondary target Hispanic adults 25-54) and drive home the need to take immediate action

Deliver Message

to maximize impact in a limited time frame, with a particular focus on delivering the message in rural areas to meet their special needs

Speed-to-market was key to successfully launch TV & radio in Q4 2020, in a shortened time frame, and in the midst of a holiday week.

With strong negotiation, buying power and expertise in each market, True Media achieved substantial savings that was reinvested to increase goals in markets that had been initially been planned at lower levels.


Delivered 30% higher TRP levels compared to plan

Negotiated 16% overall savings from planned costs, despite timeline and fast turn

Covered 9 TV markets, 5 Radio markets, plus outstate radio

Resulted in 21,164 paid spots on 134 stations across the state of Missouri

Over 10% bonus added value spots were negotiated to extend critical message

Encouraged stations to add spot to PSA rotation for further awareness