Data-Driven Audience Planning

Audiences are defined by more than age and gender. Consumers expect brands to reach them through channels that offer meaningful engagements. Whatever medium they consume, they expect messaging to be delivered seamlessly. This requires media planning to be equal parts art and science. And, at the core of all media efforts, there must be a deep understanding of audiences that comprises both data and expertise.

The Science
of Media Planning

Consumers today access the content they want, when they want it, on the device they prefer, often multitasking, which creates a data exhaust/trail. This is the science of media planning that informs time, place, interests, buying patterns and more.

Combining these data with findings from best-in-class research tools and platforms allow us to uncover meaningful insights about our audiences. Our planning is focused on deep insights extracted from a breadth of research and data that span across online and offline offerings.

The Art
of Media Planning

While data and research create the roadmap, the art of media planning is what helps us deliver these insights. The art is how our team applies decades of media experience, innate curiosity, and knowledge of consumer behaviorbehaviour, trends and culture to the data and collaboration with our creative partners to create a strategic media solution that connects our customers with theirs.

How We Define Success

During our proprietary planning process, we ensure that creative messaging aligns with the chosen media channels across the customer journey, define key measurement strategies to align with campaign objectives, and verify that all insights are trackable and actionable. We accomplish this through:
Lead Generation
In-Store Sales
E-Commerce Sales

Media Buying &
Activation Strategy

Activation is where we bring the media plan to life. By combining human expertise, vendor partnerships, state-of-the-art technology and multiple data sources, we are able to create deep, meaningful audience connections that deliver results. As consumers, devices and media outlets continue to evolve, so, too, has our activation strategy.

By removing silos among media channels, we are able to deliver a cohesive audience-focused marketing strategy across tactics, resulting in more efficient budget allocation and overall improved performance throughout the consumer journey. By targeting individual behavior, we develop specific tactical strategies using a variety of platforms that produce measurable, on-target results.

The key to a successful campaign is balancing the technology, content, and engagement tactics to attract new customers in a rigorous test-and-learn environment.

  • Display: Endemic, Programmatic, OOH, Print, Movie Screens
  • Video: Digital, Broadcast
  • Search: Organic, Paid
  • Audio: Digital, Broadcast
  • Social: Paid Influencer Outreach
  • Experiential: Street Teams, Installations, Custom Solutions
  • Mail: Direct Mail, Email

Armed with a deep understanding of audiences, data and channel strategies, we collaborate and engage publishers on a deep level.

Collaboration means challenging ourselves, our clients, agency partners, and vendors to continuously raise the bar to disrupt ourselves and the competition.

Combined with some of our proprietary software and tools, we bring activation to new heights.

The Power of Big, The Best of Small

We are proud to offer clients the unique benefit of having both the power of big and the best of small. We approach each plan with a customized strategy and full transparency to bring an unparalleled rigor that will ignite business results.

Here’s how we stand apart from the others. We take a fully transparent approach to actively engage our media vendors to customize a buy that is crafted to deliver meaningful KPIs and maximum ROI.

While we invest substantial efforts in planning and preparation, nothing is more powerful than real-time campaign performance data. Optimizing across channels allows our campaigns to work in harmony and adjust based on market changes, industry trends, and real-time metrics.

We use audience-focused, data-driven optimizations that are concentrated on business outcomes to reach and activate the consumer with your marketing message. From the big picture all the way down to the granular details of each and every campaign, we observe and measure how each channel and tactic influences our audiences in order to orchestrate the optimal customer experience, optimize your investment, and drive conversions.

Data Analytics & Actionable Insights

Data can often be unmanageable and difficult to put into action. We use data visualizations to serve as actionable insights by developing near real-time dashboards that integrate your data from all partners and sources. These dashboards help automate the dataflow to manage, track, analyze, optimize campaign performance and ensure accuracy.

In partnership with our data experts at RADaR, we provide our clients with actionable insights that connect traditional with digital media to show the effect on media sales and how a planned media mix amplifies channel strength.

From the big picture to the granular details of every campaign, we analyze the audience impact of each channel and tactic in order to orchestrate an optimal customer experience that drives conversions.

Our attribution modeling process can have a major impact on creative, budgets, product development, and sales strategy. Additionally, our proprietary Data Stride platform serves as a quality control mechanism to ensure proper pacing, percent of goals met, and forecasting. From executive level views to customized detailed analysis, our reporting and technology stack ensures all data is easily digestible, actionable, and structured around your KPIs.