Campaign Tips for Paid Social

Posted on February 10th, 2020 by True Media

In the ever-evolving social media landscape, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when planning your paid social campaigns:

  1. Utilize a blend of ad objectives. When looking at your messaging and target audience, make sure you’re tailoring your messaging to where your consumer is in the planning cycle. Continue to push them down the funnel with specific messaging and calls to action that will ultimately get them to convert. The best ads are delivered based on signals that your consumer is giving off.
  2. Define Your Audience. Avoid audiences that are too narrow and not scalable. Also avoid audiences that are too broad, finding it difficult to truly drive the performance and achieve strong reach.
  3. Implement Facebook Search. Utilize your search efforts to find consumers who are looking for relatable things via social media platforms.
  4. Capture audience insights. Ensure Facebook pixels are set up for data capturing. Always have additional tagging within your URLs. Continue to check Google Analytics for performance to optimize your campaigns.
  5. Test your campaigns. Run split tests to learn what audience, creative, placements, are performing best and optimize accordingly. Avoid altering more than one variable to ensure you get a clean read on your tests.
  6. Use your resources. Facebook audience insights is a great tool to provide you with information such as interest, ages, gender, etc. regarding your followers. Campaign planner will allow you to plan campaigns with the Facebook Manager platform by creating mock ads. Utilize Category research to allow you to know who your core audience could be and what other interests they have outside of your core consumer.

Overall, continue to optimize your campaigns based on the abundance of insights you are receiving from multiple different avenues and utilize your resources within the social media platforms to allow you to better connect with your core consumers.

With four years of experience in digital and hands-on-keyboard programmatic, Joanna Williams has brought a new perspective to True Media’s digital campaigns. She is committed to expanding her knowledge within the digital ecosphere and always looking for ways to implement innovative tactics in her client’s campaigns.