True Tips Going into a Rebrand

Posted on October 7th, 2019 by True Media

Dunkin’ Brands CMO, Tony Weisman, highlighted the reality of business by stating, “We have no automatic right to exist or thrive in a rapidly changing world.” This mindset led to his decision to rebrand the 70-year old American staple, Dunkin’ Donuts.

While rebranding is exciting and often necessary, it can also be a stressful adventure. There isn’t necessarily an easy path to take when it comes to a rebrand. It will always be hard work, but when done correctly can appear as a seamless transition with no confusion from your audience. So how do you do it right? 

Our Advice:

  1. Start early! Think about every aspect that will be impacted by a brand change. In addition to creative messaging and media support, it is also important to consider how a rebrand will affect signage, current customer communication, legal, business cards, letterhead, etc). It’s essential to be organized and have a backup plan if you have to be nimble on the start date.
  2. Make sure to consider any ongoing media sponsorships. Logos and messaging will need to be updated for your mass media campaigns. With that, be sure to consider your larger audiences and include all traditional media types to ensure all ages are up to date on any changes. 
  3. Rebranding often means bigger budgets — which can make a huge difference for additional media opportunities. This can include higher impact digital placements and more outside of the box fun media opportunities at local events around town.