A Brief Guide to TikTok's Ad Opportunities

Posted on September 19th, 2019 by True Media
The Platform Grabbing The Attention Of Your Gen Z Consumers

It’s been just over a year since the Chinese-owned video app, TikTok, came to the U.S., and during this time it has been slowly releasing in-app advertising capabilities. While platforms such as TikTok are viral by nature, it isn’t a space that marketers have fully started implementing in their campaigns. According to eMarketer, only 4% of U.S. social media marketers were using the platform as of February 2019 — a very small number when compared to the whopping 49% using YouTube.

Why You Should Pay Attention

TikTok hasn’t released all of their advertising opportunities yet, but there is a lot to look forward to — such as augmented reality lenses and full-screen video ads. One component that isn’t unique to TikTok is that in addition to buying paid advertising, brands can also partner directly with TikTok video creators. This trend is a common one right now, but not to be overlooked as a worthwhile investment. 

Hashtag Challenges

So far, the most popular campaigns have been through Hashtag Challenges, which places branded hashtags on the app’s discover page. However just last month, sponsored hashtags were expanded with the new name “Hashtag Challenge Plus,” which also included an in-app shoppable component.  To implement a Hashtag Challenge, marketers create a branded hashtag likely to appeal to their consumers, encouraging them to connect with the brand. Users who click on the sponsored hashtag are directed to a separate explore tab showcasing your product and direct links to purchase.

Kroger (while not your average back-to-school shopping destination), used TikTok to promote their #TransformUrDorm campaign that gave college students a chance to show off their decorated dorms. When consumers clicked on #TransformUrDorm, they were directed to a separate tab to view products Kroger specifically curated to appeal to college students such as granola bars, popcorn makers, hangers, and laundry baskets. 

All in all — if you aren’t paying attention to TikTok, you should start now.

Stay tuned for more insight into just how impactful we think TikTok could be for your marketing campaigns.