Video Ads In 2019 — Are You Doing It Right?

Posted on September 18th, 2019 by True Media

A recent eMarketer report explored how the current video creator landscape is evolving from primarily YouTube to multiple social media platforms and presenting more opportunities for marketers. 

Here are the key points our True Media team thinks you need to know:


  • You will have more space for ad dollars and influencer investments to be spread out. You no longer need to put all of your efforts in one place — the evolving landscape for video creators allows you to have more platforms to work with and see what works for your company and brand.


  • Use this as an opportunity to get creative and add more video in your influencer marketing. Twitter and Instagram currently have a very small portion of sponsored posts that are videos. Instagram accounts that had 75,000 followers or more reported only 12.4% used the hashtag #sponsored, and even fewer used the hashtags #ad or #partner. Twitter accounts with 75,000 or more followers reported only 3.6% used the hashtag #sponsored, and even fewer used the hashtags #ad or #partner. Most sponsored posts on these platforms are through images or text, which means now would be the perfect time for you to lean into video ads with your influencers. 


  • Make sure you’re using different videos ads across different platforms. What works on YouTube won’t always work on other platforms. Make sure to research different types of marketing-oriented work well for each social media space. 


  • Take advantage of the interactivity features to drive more consumers to your website. Social media marketing is all about making it easy for consumers, and YouTube doesn’t have any features that make it easy to get a consumer from video to purchase. Other social media platforms have a variety of features such as polls, questions, swipe up links, and Live that makes it easy for consumers to both interact with you and easily find a path to your website.


To read eMarketer’s full report on Video Ads in Social Media click here.