Is Influencer Marketing Worth Your Investment?

Posted on September 16th, 2019 by True Media

We live in a world where influencer marketing makes a memorable impact. Whether we like to admit it or not, there is data that shows positive neurological responses to a successful influencer marketing campaign. Being able to measure attribution and return on investment is difficult with influencer marketing, but the ability to see how consumer’s brains are responding to influencer marketing can help determine the value and success of such campaigns. 

Here’s What We Think…

It’s probably not going anywhere. 
Influencer marketing will continue to grow among and be successful among the right kind of influencers… Microinfluencers.

“As the media landscape continues to proliferate as quickly as it has been, people seem to be searching for smaller communities where they can find like minded people and where they can establish some level of trust and shared interest – and that is exactly where Microinfluencers can shine. This is good news for brands that have a niche target as they will be able to identify the Microinfluencers that make most sense for their audience, and they will be more reasonably priced since they have a more modest following.” — Elizabeth Van Kort, True Media Associate Media Director


Don’t just jump in a partnership with anyone — do your research.
Overall, Influencer marketing is worth the investment and can produce very profitable outcomes. Just make sure you do it right. 

“It is crucial to first have a thorough understanding of your target audience – and the influencer must resonate with not only that audience, but they must also feel like a natural and authentic voice for the brand. If it doesn’t feel right to the audience and the brand itself, it will not only not work and be a waste of money – it could also backfire and cause a loss of trust in the brand.” — Elizabeth Van Kort, True Media Associate Media Director