Three Things I Learned from Day One of Google’s Marketing Live Conference

Posted on July 12th, 2018 by True Media


  1. Data matters. Today’s successful marketing campaigns are fueled by data. Clients need to mine their organization for data, use that information to create better marketing experiences and make stronger decisions, while respecting customer privacy. Smart companies will remove data silos to produce stronger ROI.
  2. Automation drives success. Clients and agencies must work to automate repetitive processes and create efficiencies. Adding in machine learning will accelerate the ability for campaigns to drive stronger results in shorter timeframes.
  3. Identify and act on insights. All this information and automation allows agencies and clients to focus on identifying insights and create campaigns that leverage this information. The next evolution of media will allow us to predict intent rather than chasing consumers after they declare their intent.

True Media SVPs Candice Rotter and Stephanie Padgett at Google Marketing Live 2018

This means my favorite shoe store will anticipate that I am attending a conference and might need a pair of comfortable, yet fashionable shoes — sharing them with me via display, video and search before I leave, rather than wasting dollars retargeting me while the event is going on.

In order to be a leader in this new era, winning teams will focus on the data and automation so that they can find the gems that lead to marketing success. Can’t wait to put these ideas to work for our clients and learn more on day two.

Stephanie Padgett
SVP, Client Strategy