Posted on November 6th, 2017 by True Media

Social platform kings – Facebook & Twitter – have announced they will start labeling ads that are specifically paid for by politicians. It’s no joke that American politics takes up our universe. I mean come on, we have all been to those awkward family holidays where Aunt Tammy or Uncle Tom start in on their favorite presidential candidate. Even if you “don’t follow politics” we are constantly given options that force us to take a side.

Have you ever purchased one of those tactfully name coffee drinks – you know from Starbucks? This standout brand’s founder, Howard Schultz, has had a history of supporting both republican and democratic presidential candidates. 1 Whether you are a true conservative or a passionate liberal targeted advertising trumps all – no pun intended.

Facebook and Google are taking flight – legally that is – working on the “Honest Ads Act”. This Act would push online platforms to disclose information about political ads placed online. It currently reads that platforms with 50 million monthly unique visitors would need to establish public databases that would list anyone who bought more than $500 worth of political ads.

Twitter has even tossed around the idea of allowing database users to see which ads they have been targets of in addition to the amount spent on the platform as a whole. Not sure how much your favorite brand contributes to politics – sounds like you will have your answer very soon. Twitter announced that it will label political ads for “a specific candidate for elected office or affiliated party posed within 30 days of a primary election or 60 days of a general election.” 2 The days of television ads are still upon us but it looks like the digital age isn’t too far behind.


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