True Media Eats for Charity

Posted on July 12th, 2013 by True Media

…Or for any reason, really. If you’ve seen our Facebook page or instagram feed, or our Pinterest page, you know us by now. But this time, it had a purpose.
This week, we held a potluck to raise money and food for our local food bank. The idea was simple – five of us stepped up to compete in a dessert bake-off. The most popular dessert maker wins. Staff got to sample, and then vote for their favorite dessert with money or cans of food to be donated to the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.

Our digital specialist Taylor Chatterton won for her snickers caramel apple salad.

We raised $72 and 76 pounds of food for those in need in our community.
We filed this blog under “Agency Culture” because we want everyone to know that we work hard, but we have fun too. If you would like to come be a part of our culture and our company, we currently have positions open.
Right now, we are hiring for a digital specialist. If you’re interested, check our website for more information.