Posted on March 15th, 2013 by True Media

“Why do you work in advertising?”

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

That’s a question that I often get asked at various speaking engagements, and honestly it’s a good one. At the end of the day I would say because this business challenges me every day.
First let’s talk about the good stuff. Every day I get to work with smart, passionate people who also love this business. We get to research, strategize, brainstorm and build world class media plans for some great companies. You can see the fruits of your labor by the end of every campaign. I also get to work with clients, creative agencies and vendors, all of whom are looking to build a great campaign and deliver results.
The old saying “every day is different” has never been truer. In any given week I can conduct interviews, develop and give training, present to clients, work on a new business pitch, travel across America, listen to vendor pitches, help employees solve problems, manage the agency budget, plan for the future and even occasionally unload the dishwasher in the kitchen!
I love this aspect of my job. You never really know what the week will entail. Sure I make myself a to do list every Monday, but by the end of the week if I were to rewrite that list, it would look completely different. All of this is happening at warp speed it seems due to the growth of our agency, which keeps me energized and excited for the future.
While there is a lot of fun and satisfaction to be had in this business, it’s not for the lazy. WE WORK HARD! It’s fast paced all the time. This is a business based on two things – results and deadlines. The deadlines always seem like yesterday and results better be good. You want to work 8-5, go find a different job. We work 8 to when the job is done. Late nights, weekends, you better believe it. My two best friends at times are Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy. While certainly not every day and week is like this, it can happen pretty easy.
I do my best to not only manage my workload but my employees as well. Burnout is a real concern; we all need to be on our A game at all times. Within the last 5 days I have been in 5 different airports, 6 different states for 3 completely different meetings. I took a team to a new client kick off meeting; I then visited a current client with a fellow planner and gave a presentation on new media trends and opportunities. I closed out my trip traveling with another employee to give a new business pitch. All very different, all a challenge and all very rewarding.
So why keep doing this? Because I love every crazy second of it.