Facebook Gifts for Your Valentine

Posted on February 14th, 2013 by True Media

Today is Valentine’s Day, so naturally Facebook wanted to play Cupid. This morning I logged into my Facebook account and was presented with the option to present my husband with a last minute gift through Facebook.
The Facebook gifts program launched awhile back but this was the first time Facebook had asked me to use it.  As a business, you must fill out a merchant interest form in order to have a product listed. It also doesn’t seem as though the gifts program is connected to the social graph yet because, as you can see, Facebook is suggesting I give my husband Starbucks for Valentine’s Day. He detests coffee (I logged in later in the day, and Starbucks had changed to “chocolate caramels”; also not a favorite of my guy). Other items in his recommended category include chocolates and dipped Oreos, but other categories included more generic things like Netflix and iTunes gift cards.

There are lots of categories to choose from and it sounds like it could hold excellent opportunities for brands and marketers to possibly solve the Facebook social commerce problem.
Will you give a Facebook gift? What do you think about this new addition to Facebook?