Zombies Show Strong Vital Signs as "The Walking Dead" Season 3 begins

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 by True Media

Despite AMC’s blackout in 14.1 million Dish Network households, The Walking Dead Season 3 premiere put up impressive numbers on Sunday. There is no doubt that delayed viewing will add even more to the show’s momentum. With live viewing alone, the season 3 premiere was up 49% over the season 2 premiere. This drama had both Sunday Night Football and Post Season Baseball to contend with as well, but still had a great showing in the 18-49 demo, with 7.7, 2.2 and 7.3 respectively.

“The Walking Dead” Season 3 Poster

Personally, I cannot get enough of this drama-filled band of infected (but not yet zombie-fied) group of strangers who have come together to stay alive. If you haven’t seen this show, this is not your typical drama. The writers get pretty creative with the story line and there is always a surprise, Of course there is a little of the normal drama: affairs, uprising and a game of “Who is the Baby Daddy?,” but with a zombie twist.
Beyond the drama, terrific writing and equally great acting, this show puts the viewer in sort of a time warp. All of a sudden, you look at the clock and it is 8:56, or 9:56 eastern, and you are wondering, “What? Didn’t this just start?” Then, boom, you are left with the craziest cliffhanger that keeps you wanting more.

The Cast of The Walking Dead

I know I will continue to watch the group as they become fewer and fewer, but judging by the numbers, it is clear that this zombie apocalypse won’t come to an end any time soon.
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