My Experiences as an Intern at True Media

Posted on August 3rd, 2012 by True Media

Our font is Tahoma. Our game is media. We have baked goods a-plenty. We are True Media.
Starting my internship for the summer, I was looking to acquire strong skills and some recommendations for when I moved to Chicago in the fall. As things progressed, plans changed and I have since been offered and accepted a full-time job offer with True Media.
I am truly excited about the future, and this comes directly from the time I have spent interning at True Meda. The excitement of working full time with a group of people I have already had some time to get to know and learn from came directly from my great experience as an intern. As a result, I wanted to share my experience as an intern as well as impart future interns with some wisdom.
True Media has been a combination of a friendly atmosphere and productive place ever since I stepped through the door. I immediately hit the ground running doing work for Candice Rotter our senior media manager.
I was directed towards Candice at the beginning of my internship, but because we are a boutique shop with big ideas and motivated people I got to wear a lot of different hats. I ended up assisting several members of the True Media Team including planners, buyers, and social media. The range of tasks I got to perform in several areas of the company really helped me gain a broader perspective of how everything works in media and advertising.
If there is one major lesson as an intern to take away, it is to find the most overworked person and help them out. Seriously though, at an agency as fast paced and growing as rapidly as this one, just speak up and be ready to take on any project that comes your way. Don’t be caught up in thinking you have one role, because there are so many different facets (buying, planning, digital, social media) that it is imperative in this business to have a good feel of the entire atmosphere. Be consistent and reliable. Not only does this show your co-workers your work ethic, but it also makes you a valuable member of the team.
No one is going to babysit you during your internship. You can sit there and stare at the computer screen, or play on your phone when no one’s looking, but why waste your time when you can be learning and experiencing?  I think making myself indispensable to the members of the True Media team had a direct correlation with me receiving a job offer at the end of my internship.
Having just graduated college, I have been in plenty of group projects and been a member of several organizations. The experience that I gained as an intern from True Media has taught me how to handle both triumphs and failures professionally, as well as the type of work that goes into both.
Since I am now a little wiser and am able to bring an outside perspective, here are a few gems that I have learned while being at True Media
1.   A team oriented work force makes everyone’s job easier.
I don’t know all the answers, and I never will. The great thing about the attitude at True Media is that asking for help is encouraged. As an intern, it is important to make sure you are willing to learn as well as offer what knowledge and experience you have to your co-workers.
2.   Good sales reps make your day.
In this business you have to work with a ton of reps from different companies. As an intern, you have to make lots of phone calls to various vendors requesting media information. Dealing with people who know what they are talking about and have a quick turnaround time are amazing and make your day better. Here’s to you, amazingly helpful reps.
3.   A content workforce is a productive workforce.
True Media does a fantastic job at keeping people on task by providing monthly massages, training, and my favorite part, a weekly catered lunch. And now that I’m full time, I will be able to participate in the much anticipated monthly “massage Monday.” Yes, it is an awesome place to be.
4.    Clients, clients, clients.
I have learned it is important to make client relationships the solid foundation of all your projects. Sometimes clients need your expertise and guidance and sometimes they just need to know you’re on their team. In our fast paced industry we are asked to complete projects on the fly, or even yesterday. We try to comply with these requests, and it definitely is interesting and exciting ride.
5.   Technology
I don’t think there is an industry out there that doesn’t get frustrated with technology. In our business, Facebook tends to be as guilty as that 270 page excel spreadsheet that never seems to work when you need it to. We work a lot in the digital and social space, where things are evolving at lightning speed. Our staff is amazing at keeping up and staying ahead of the curve.
6.   Scheduling
Since we deal with clients in the U.S. and Canada and in many different time zones, scheduling calls, project due dates and times means being able to juggle a lot of moving parts at once. The nature of being an international company I guess.
Visit our website if interested in applying to the True Media’s internship program, we are also currently hiring for full time positions. Please don’t hesitate to email or myself with questions. If you just want to discuss internships, getting a job, or want advice in general, please leave a comment.