Planning Facebook Campaigns

Posted on February 13th, 2012 by True Media

As a social media manager I have planned more than my fair share of Facebook ad campaigns for my clients. When I first began doing this almost 2 years ago, the landscape was uncertain at best, especially for our clients that wanted to run small local campaigns to take advantage of the cost effectiveness of the ad platform. At that time, their ads were sometimes layered in with spammy “acai berry diet” ads claiming to have been endorsed by Dr. Oz (they weren’t).
Over time, the terrain became less rocky, the ad options became more robust, and the folks at Facebook itself took strides to become more proactively cognizant about the content of ads being placed and the location of the ads themselves, always trying to keep the user experience first priority. They keep getting better and better, and I’ve noticed that results for our clients are also climbing as well.
This iMedia article from Friday “8 tips for launching an effective paid Facebook campaign” explains the evolution taking place in Facebook ads, and some of the challenges from a media planning perspective while giving great steps for success. I especially relate to the part that discusses segmentation. For a while that was considered one of the all important reason to advertise on Facebook. Now, it’s understood that audience segmentation and targeting is important in varying degrees – some do better on a more segmented scale, some better when the audience is left open a little wider.
If you are a business owner you should consider checking into a Facebook ad campaign. They are simple, effective, and a good way for you to engage on a social media level, especially if you’re new to social media marketing.
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